Jennifer Cloake Velocity Site Creator

Jennifer Cloake
Product Manager

Specialty: Creative Realistic Strategies
Super Power: Warp Speed

Jennifer keeps the projects and goals focused at VELOCITY. 


Jennifer is a born leader. By her early 30’s, she had established a well funded real estate portfolio allowing her to focus on community work. 

With her quick get-to-the-point approach, she was able to assist numerous not-for-profit organizations implement effective internal structures while turning their finances around within 12 months.  Later, she joined Dave Jesch in the software development business, where they ran a lucrative website consulting firm and created eCommerce software products.  

Jennifer’s business strategies are innovative and methodical. Her project management skills are solid and efficient. She’s known for her ability to get things done at warp speed!  With 25+ years of experience in marketing and sales, she’s passionate in helping business owners make money online without selling their Soul.

When she’s not analyzing data, she often enjoys watching her dogs steal tomatoes from her veggie patch! When she’s not playing with her dogs, she looks up in the sky and dreams up her next upcycling project.

3 Fun Facts

  • Despite being the life of the party, Jennifer is actually very introverted and prefers quiet reflective time.
  • Jennifer didn’t like cooking.  Now you can’t keep her out of the kitchen!
  • Jennifer loves upcycling, turning trash into treasure.  She call it "Functional Art"!