We are big Believers in doing what you LOVE...

VELOCITY Online System is our passion project! Our goal is to provide simple effective solutions to independent business owners! 

Back in the day, our niche was enterprise level websites and eCommerce integration systems.  It was definitely lucrative and fun! However, as we gain wisdom over the years, we've discovered that our true passion is promoting personal and financial freedom by encouraging entrepreneurship.  

Since we believe strongly in the "Work from Home" freedom lifestyle, we decided to make home-based businesses our primary focus. Our theory is simple. If we can remove technical and marketing challenges associated with small business ownership, you can spend time doing what you Love!  The happier you are, the more likely you will have the energy to help others. 

We stand by the marketing techniques implemented in our website designs. By incorporating enterprise level strategies into the VELOCITY Website System, it is our wish that our experiences and skills can help you take your business to the next level!

Love what you do at Velocity Site Creator

Our A[b]CDE Methodology Sets Us Apart

Velocity Site Creator AbCDE Marketing Methodology

A well designed website should help you with the following:

  1. Attract more leads
  2. Convert website traffic into paying Clients
  3. Deliver your branding message
  4. Engage with Clients fostering long term relationships

At VELOCITY, we've put together an effective Website System that incorporates over 60 years of industry experience.

Instead of getting a website that consistently under performs, our Team of Experts are always analyzing market trends so we can incorporate proven marketing strategies with thoughtful designs.  Just [be] who you are.  Leave the rest to us!


Our Marketing and Technical Advisors

Jennifer Cloake Velocity Site Creator

Jennifer Cloake
Product Manager

Specialty: Creative Realistic Strategies
Super Power: Warp Speed

Jennifer keeps the projects and goals focused at VELOCITY. 

With 25+ years of experience in business and marketing, she has a keen sense on how Customers can take their business to the next level in record time!  Jennifer works closely with the tech team designing software that will help You maximize your marketing efforts.   Full Bio and Fun Facts 


David Jesch
Software Architect

Specialty: Smart Effective Solutions 
Super Power: Speaks Martian

Dave is the Genius Architect behind VELOCITY family of products! 

We don't really understand what he does but he is the one communicating with the Martians making our easy-to-use software so you don't have to write code!   Full Bio and Fun Facts


Dave Jesch Velocity Site Creator Tech Advisor

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